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The summer of sorrow

Martina Guga BGJ0265

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Martina Guga (16)  with her “Summer of sorrows” creates the impression that you are not reading the first artistic prose of a girl of this age, but the writing of someone who has also tried the pen long before. The novel is distinguished by a strong sens of realism and a sensible touch to the social problems of a country in transition such as Albania, where one of the powerful dramas has been that of children separated and removed from the bosom of theu families, as is the case of Ava, but also emigration to neighboring countries Greece and Italy... (Virgjil Muçim writer and translater)

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Lloji i botimitPaperback
Published year2022
Vendodhja e botimitTirane
Tipi i publikimitLibër
Grupmosha e leximitmbi 10 vjeç
StatusiI ri
Numri i botimeveI parë
I ri1