The siege of Shkodra

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Albania's courageous stand against ottoman conquest, 1478

With the mistorical context by david abulafia the original albanian introduction by Aleks Bbuda "The War of Shkodra" by George Merula a panectric to the venetian senate by Marin Beçikemi and accounts of the Siege from early Ottoman Chronicles.

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"One of the most remarkable episodes in the struggle between the West and the Crescent."

         FRANZ BACINGER, premier historian of the Ottonion Empire


         KAVARL Albonion aulhor, candidare Pr tnc Nobal Proce in Literatute

"Ottoman 'shock-and-awe. Extraordinary!"

        ROGER CROWLEY, best-sening outhorof historicat norrotive

"The Albanians attracted the prime forces of the Ottoman Empire when it was at its zenith and impeded the westward advance of its hordes."

         GAZMEND SHPUZA, professor of Ouctmon history,Drana Univeisny 

"The massive fortress on the hill of Rozafa ...was seen kcy to the Adriatic."

          DAVID ARUIAFIA. professor of hislory, Combridge University 

"Gripping! A seminal source of Balkan histony."

          ROSCRT ELSIE, uenter ond spe iahsr tn Albamon muches

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