Birds in albanian stamps 1913-2018

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Albanian fauna, especially birds and birds, are a great natural asset of our country, and play an important role in the preservation of biodiversity, in keeping the natural environment clean, in the protection of agricultural plants, fruit trees, forests from diseases and pests.

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Based on studies that have been done to date, about 370 species of birds live in Albania, of which 290 species are native and about 80 species of birds and migratory birds.

Book-album: Birds on the Albanian stamp, aims to:

1-It will serve teachers and students of 9-year-old and secondary schools to study better, especially to increase their care and love for the types of birds that live in our country.

2- It will serve tourist agencies to recognize and advertise to Albanian and foreign tourists, the touristic values ​​that Albania has, especially with some of the indigenous species of Albanian birds and poultry.

3-It will serve researchers, biologists, employees of the state agencies of forests, tourism, and protected areas to take all the necessary legal measures to protect the fauna from illegal hunting and pests, and especially Albanian birds and poultry. .

4-It will serve Albanian philatelists to increase their interest in collecting Albanian stamps with flora and fauna and the types of birds and animals that live in Albanian territory.

5-It will serve foreign philatelists to increase their interest in collecting Albanian postage stamps as a whole and to know the fauna and sidomas and the types of birds and birds that live in Albania.

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