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Vlora is one of the most beautiful cities of Albania and is right to be proud. Called the "City of the flag,'''City with two seas" or "southern Adriatic port''she regarded as the pearl of the Albanian tourism, with its shores, Karaburun, Sazan, Llogora, Castle of Kanina, Narta Lagoon , numerous beaches, monuments, people, land and sea.

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Vlora occupies a deserved place in the history of Albania,  also keeping the status of the hero city. The city where Skanderbeg was married, where Albania's independence was declared, an arena of wars for freedom and Albanian resistance, Vlora has a different status as natural parlor of painters, artists home and a bridge to connect Albania with the world.

City Where Was married Skanderbeg, Albania's Independence Where Was declared, an arena of wars for freedom and New Resistance, Vlora faces a different status as natural parlor of Painters, artists and home to bridge the world of Albania

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