George Castriot – Scanderbeg in Albanian stamps, 1913 - 2017

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From  the collector  Hysen S. Dizdari, this is a rare book of its kind, the only book published for Scanderbeg, in 105 years from the date of issue of the first Albanian stamp on May 5, 1913 by government of the patriot Ismail Qemali and deals with the full Albanian stamp collection for Scanderbeg from 1913 until 2017.

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The first stamp with Skanderbeg's portrait was issued on December 1, 1913 and continued its way through the 105 year history of the Albanian stamp until May 5, 2018.

The book encompasses three historical epochs, more than one century, of representation of the great personality of Scanderbeg in Albanian stamps.

Scanderbeg’s personality is represented in all its grandeur and is attained with high artistic skill by famous Albanian and foreign painters.

The book is published in two languages, in Albanian and English, and provides ample information for all Albanians inside and outside Albania.

Furthermore this book fully complements the interest of collectors and foreign tourists who are interested in learning about the history of our national hero George Castriot - Scanderbeg through the development of the 105-year history of the Albanian stamp.

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Lloji i botimitHardcover
RedaktoriXhevat Lloshi, Rudina Çupi, Dritan Idrizi
Published year2018
Vendodhja e botimitTirane
Tipi i publikimitLibër
StatusiI ri
Numri i botimeveI parë
Përmasat21 x 29.7
PërkthyesiIna Kajtazi
I ri1