George Castrioti Scanderbeg (1405-1468) View larger

George Castrioti Scanderbeg (1405-1468)

Fan Noli A-008343

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Përshkrim i shkurtër Noli’s dissertation bears the short, emotionally neutral title, George Castrioti Skanderbeg, and is written strictly abiding by the didactic guide-book for a doctorate. To this day, it may well be considered a piece of model of academic writing, in terms of both its depth of research and form of presentation.

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In honor of the 140th anniversary of the birth of this monograph’s author and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and USA, a decision was taken to publish a first-ever, anastatic-reproductive edition specifically of Noli’s second story of Skanderbeg - the only one among his four Skanderbeg stories to have been subjected not solely to publishers’ considerations, but, instead, to the sound judgment of a university supervisory board and a jury to which it was presented for assessment. Such a decision, therefore, intends not simply to scrutinize an author’s yet unpublicized dactylographic opus, but to also provide an instance of scientific discipline in pursuing a doctorate. The publication of this dactylographic script by the Fan S. Noli Foundation, hopefully, will encourage related comparative studies. It may rightfully be assumed that the changes from one story to the other also represent a process of self-reflection.

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Published year2022
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