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This book was released honoring the September 5, 2018, the International Charity Day, announced by UN in honor of  Mother Theresa

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The book is divided in two parties:

First Part:     Mother Teresa's Life and Work

Second Part: Mother the  in Albanian stamps

Mother Theresa, this beloved mother of all mankind, this luminous messenger, dedicated  her  life to the poor and needy people and never denied her Albanian origins. Inspired by her magnificent personality,  the Albanian Post emitted more than ten postal stamps emissions  with her image. All the emissions dedicated to Mother Teresa highlight the most important historical moments of her life and activity in the service of charity, helping poor people all over the world.

Mother Theresa is presented  in the following Albanian stamps emissions:

"Mother Theresa", 1992,1994 ordinary emission; "Europe" emission, 1996, overprint emission 1997, the emission "Mother Teresa's and Princess Diana death anniversary " - joint emission, 1998; "Nobel Prize Centenary", 2001; "Mother Teresa's day of Happiness", 2003; "100th Anniversary of Mother Teresa's Birth", 2010; and the emission "Mother Theresa's Sanctification" in 2016.

The book includes all the emissions issued by the  Albanian  Post for Mother Teresa.

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Lloji i botimitHardcover
Published year2018
Vendodhja e botimitTirane
Tipi i publikimitAlbum
StatusiI ri
Numri i botimeveI parë
I ri1