Marine flora and fauna in the albanian stamp

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Albania coastline stretches for 476 kilometers divided between Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea   with a variety of unique flora and fauna distinguished for its rich biodiversity, along with marine bays, characteristic lagoons, river deltas, beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate, archaeological sites which altogether comprise an important natural resource for the development of tourism throughout the year.

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Our marine flora and fauna is made up of 156 different types of algae and marine plants, with 312 species and subspecies of fish and other marine species, of which mani are endemic to our marine waters.

The scope of the book presenting the Albanian marine flora and fauna is:

1-Helping touristic agencies to be acquainted and promote Albania to foreign and local tourists, as well as coastal touristic and economic values, in particular the Albanian marine flora and fauna. 2-Serving private fishing enterprises to a better recognition and protection of the species growing in our marine waters, their economic values, in order that the state laws are implemented properly and European standards in fisheries, trade and processing of fish and sea products are met. 3-Serving teachers and pupils of secondary and high schools to be acquainted with the Albanian marine flora and fauna and protect it. 4-Serving Albanian philatelists develop their interest in collecting Albanian stamps with underwater flora and fauna.

5-Serving local and foreign philatelists develop their interest in collecting Albanian stamps and recognizing underwater values ​​that the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian seacoast have.

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Published year2017
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