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The image is art, but, also passion, feelings and hisory. This book connect on the best way  the city and citiznes at this momentum. Connect city with Tirana lovers.  Nature, history and architectures show throug lens with high quality and proffesionalism.  This book is best gift for all peoples that love the capital of albanian

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Tirana, the capital if Albania and the largest one, extends along a valley with an altitude of 80-100 meters above sea level. It seems like it’s wearing a crown, an effect given by the contiguous hills and mountains.

The surrounding nature offers a variety of exquisite scenes and beauty. Anture lovers can explore tha caves, mountains, canyons and many other natural formations created and shaped by the rivers and streams crossing through them.

You have the opportunity to enjoy the beaty of nature especially from the top of the mountains.

History lovers can find human traces of habitation and civilization from the past. Castles, fortresses and once inhabited centers are a real proof of such civilization on these lands.

Tirana is build during several periods of time in history, thus reflecting different arhitectural styles which ca be distinguished through its local characteristic dwellings, government buildings, religious facilities and natural parks.

Now, let’s go and expolore it through the lens.

A special album of natural and cultural legacy in Tirana

Prof. Dr. Perikli Qiriazi

It is said a lot about our natural and cultural legacy, especially that of Tirana. But there is not sufficient promotion, protection and appraisal for its tourism. Talking about laws, decisions of Council of Ministers and other institutions, they are enough in number and aim to support the legal and institutional part of Tirana legacy.  A considerable number of surveys and publication of many books, monographs and scientific articles are initiated for their unique and precious scientific, cultural, educative, and tourist values. There is also a utilization of this legacy for the development of our tourism.

Albert has chosen his own way to promote the incredible values of natural and cultural legacy of Tirana. This skillful and patient artist went nearby the cultural sites of our capital city in all seasons of the year. He evidenced these special scientific values, amazing beauties, by waiting for the right moment of colorful lights. These unique features of the album grab your attention and you can enjoy yourself by observing the natural beauty of Tirana through this special album. This young artist makes the reader interested and spiritually conscious, through his impressive way of acting. The reader is also invited to satisfy himself by enjoying the nature and ancient city of Tirana and they feel proud and protector at the same time for this rich legacy.

In a near future this album will show interest for the tourism, media, schools, environment, and Unprofitable Association of environment and our natural and cultural legacy.

To conclude I’d like to wish profoundly good luck to this wise artist in his scientific and artist job and to be successful in the releasing of valuable, interesting and attractive albums about the scientific and cultural legacy of other regions. 

Travel diary of images

Dr. Moikom Zeqo                                                                          

The art of photography is a new invention, that of technical one rather than idea, which is a very ancient term . It involves the idea of reflection and every reflective object contains the camera, which brought an absolute evidence of the image. The unbeatable quality of photography brings a thorough world to people in comparison with fine arts, films or digital equipments.

In Albania photography is related to Marube and Gjon Mili, famous photographers. All  points mentioned above are closely linked to each other  to demonstrate that photography contains magic power.

A friend of mine, a zealous and passionate young photographer Albert Cmeta , gave me an album where he had collected a set of photography, that I would call ‘’ a round trip diary of images’’. I like his photographies o lot and I’m too convinced of his valuable job. Albert realizes the poetic part of photography. He has taken photo of cliffs, caves, the richness of various kinds of stones or waters in different positions, where black and white background and colors show feelings of epic and lyric or impressive point of views.  Based on his great adventures showing the natural marvels of Albania, I can say that everyone might become self-conscious of the life longing art of photography.

This smart , modest, young boy, being out of the media, has created a clear and prominent profile of an artist. I profoundly congratulate him for his noble work.



The message from Lulzim Basha, the (former) Mayor of Tirana Municipality

Tirana, the capital city of Albania, with all its values, is following the modern steps. Its residents respect and protect the legacy and traditions of our ancestors. This is also the city of generosity, hospitability, tolerance and sympathy. Everyone is surprised by its marvelous beauty of nature with impressiv e cultural and historical values.

Tirana is an old city, where evidences are found at the Mosaic, the Justinian Castle ancient places, surrounding the city.

There are a range of things offered by our capital city and above all it has the soul and enthusiasm of our citizens. So it’s time to make a difference and choose your destination.      

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