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Albanian –american relations

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Books are difficult to write and this one was especially so. Authors who write books on relations between two countries usually do so by having a wealth of literature they can consider. But when it comes to Albanian-American relations, the books that deal with some of its aspects are so few that one can count them with the fingers of his hands and often such aspects are not their main topic. So there are less studies about Albanian-American relations than one can imagine, given the good level of these relations between the two countries and the well-known pro-Americanism of Albanians. There are very few books on this topic and we still don’t have a book that gives the big picture of these relations in a way that would be comprehensive, if not exhaustive.

Among the Albanian authors, one cannot find a single book that has seriously studied periods or aspects of Albanian-American relations. There’s a book by Leonard Demi on aspects of the diplomacy of both countries, but that book has been written as an essay without references. A journalist from Albania published in 1997 a book of the essay kind with its topic focusing on the Albanian-American relations from 1991-1997, but it has a strong anti-American sentiment in it, and excessive militancy because of the political force this author belonged too.

As for foreign authors, one needs to mention Haris Silajdžić’s book, the topic of which is on Albanian-American relations, but it is focused mainly on covering Albania in the American archives. Strangely enough, foreigners have written more books of all kinds that touch upon aspects of Albanian-American relations than Albanians. This does not have to do with the fact that there are more Americans than Albanians because America is a big country that deals with all the world. The lack of books on this topic by Albanians does not affect the pro-Americanism of Albanians, because it is one thing to be pro-American and another to have the courage to face the challenge of writing a study book about Albanian-American relations that is all-inclusive and exhausting. And it’s not easy to write a book about these relations to scientifically explain, as it were, the special aspects of these relations. However, Albanian-American relations remain a study field that has not been trodden well.

This book will not be a servile hymn to the USA, as someone might think. America does not need such services and does not pay for such books. As the author of this book, being even a publisher with a long experience, I know this to be true. If America needed books written by servile Albanians and would pay for this, we would have had hundreds of books on Albanian-American relations. But strangely enough, we have very few books on these relations and none of them is at the level of a serious study book.

This book is not all sugar and honey. It also has many critiques for the both the Americans and Albanians, in their bilateral relations. As the author, I write as an Albanian when it comes to expressing gratitude to the USA, but I also try to write objectively, from a distance, without emotions, and I analyse these relations as a scholar.

It’s not difficult to prove with many facts that the Albanian-American relations are special. The difficult part is to find the key that explains the undeniable special aspects of these relations in the historical background, without using the political rhetoric that is so inflationist in Albania. If it is easy to prove that Albanian-American relations are special, it’s not at all easy to show in all dimensions the foundations of these relations, which have made them resist the test of time, even the earthquakes, as one can consider the hostile stance of the Albanian communist regime towards the USA in the past.

The foundations of these relations started to be built before the creation of the Albanian state, and in fact, even before the USA started to get involved actively with the European issues. The big and small nations, the big and small states, just like people, offer friendship to one-another through friendly actions. Usually, the small countries and nations are the ones that understandably want to have special friendly relations and alliances with a big country, especially the most powerful country of the time and carry out their respective actions to achieve this. And when such a desire is fulfilled to them, these countries and nations consider this as a great fortune.

It happens rarely that the most powerful and prosperous country and nation of the time offers friendship, alliance, and all its potential to a small country and nation, as is the case of USA with Albania and Albanian nation in general, something that happened even before the Albanian state was created or in the first moments of its life. In the history of Albanian-American relations, there are many actions of the USA that cannot be explained from the point of view of relations between big and small countries, even in the most generous cases.

These are some actions for which I will give more information later on in this study…………..

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