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Denis Gafurri A-000719

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This book is relevant, easy to understand, and to apply in everyday life and presents a modern way of 21st-century business communication. Written with a different, more effective approach, it will help you build profitable bilateral relationships with your buyers. The goal is to build the relationship in such a way that the buyer feels comfortable for the long term cooperation with you and to refer you to his friends and as societies.

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Sales makes the company even more successful; sales take the company out of trouble. No matter how superior the product or services, if there is no one person capable of selling it properly.

According to some forecasts, a new global economic crisis is approaching, it will be harder then the one of 2008, and those companies and individuals who do not invest in the continuous improvement of their human resources, in intelligent economic improvement with the market, will have serious problems.

This book has tremendous value for those who want to improve their performance e in any industry, to start a business, or enter the role of the professional salesperson in any company.