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The Power of Company Culture

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How Any Business can Build a Culture that Improves Productivity, Performance and Profits. Learn how to enhance workforce performance, strengthen workforce retention and better your leadership by cultivating and expanding on your company's culture with The Power of Company Culture.

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This new edition provides detailed insights on the need for company transparency at work, the importance of a strong and positive culture and how leaders can go from supervising to supporting their teams to overall build a better work culture, all through hybrid and flexible working. This book shows how to develop a company culture that improves productivity, performance, staff retention, company reputation and profits.

Packed full of insights from leading practitioners at the forefront of developing outstanding company cultures from global companies such as Vayner Media, General Motors and Southwest Airlines. This is essential reading for all HR Managers and business leaders who are responsible for building, monitoring and managing culture in their organizations.

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Lloji i botimitPaperback
Published year2023
Vendodhja e botimitUnited Kingdom
Tipi i publikimitLibër
Grupmosha e leximitmbi 18-vjeç
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