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Albania essential travel guide

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Albania travel information including maps of Albania, food, drink and where to stay in Albania, plus the best time to travel in Albania

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Albania is the secret Mediterranean. Closed off for decades following its Communist years, it has escaped the mass development of other chunks of the Med, so Albania's beaches remain largely resort-free.

Times are a-changing, however. You will now find decent accommodation in most towns. You'll also find some fascinating sites: castles dot the countryside, old bunkers lay on the beaches and lakes beckon to watersports' lovers (try Lake Shkodër, in the country's north-west, or Lake Ohrid, shared with Macedonia). Also, some pretty untramelled paths wind across the country, 70% of which is mountainous, so hikers will be spoiled for choice.

Capital Tirana is a fun find too: visit the interesting museums then head to a cafe in the buzzing Blloku district for a strong dark coffee and a chance to people-watch in this resurging nation.

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