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English is fun with us

Denada Lloja Shehaj A-006311

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English is Fun with Us is true to its keyword, fun, and that is crucial for whatever working activity  humans  are  involved  in.  This  is  what  the  present  work,  English  is  Fun  with  Us,  can  achieve:  it  arouses  the  students`  interest  and  enthusiasm  by  getting  them  involved.  The  approach is also as fresh and lively as the students and pupils are, which goes to show that it will be an enjoyable thing to work with.

-    Adriatik  Malaj,  a  reputable  professor  at  the  University  of  Vlora  “Ismali  Qemali”,  department of foreign languages

English  is  Fun  with  Us  is  a  book  that  attracts  us  through  different  useful  and  entertaining teaching  methods.  If  musical  notes  separately  are  so  beautiful  but  not  in  perfection,  when  harmonising  together  they  create  a  wonderful  melody,  in  the  right  way  and  by  the  right  composer.  What  strikes  is  how  naturally  and  precisely  theory  is  concretised  in  practice,  therefore I strongly believe that this book will be of great help to us teachers of English as a second language acquisition.

-  Greta Muhameti, English language teacher at “Pavarësia” vocational school of Vlora, MSc in Translation and Interpretation. University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”

It is all about heart and soul, and that is exactly what I found in this book! The most interesting element is the connection between reality and imagination. This imaginary journey depicted in  English is Fun with Us  comes so vivid to reality that for an instance brought me so close to these real life venues in the most natural way. It is easier said than done but it is always true that “People passionate about teaching can change the world” and you are one of them.

-  Aida Paraj, English language teacher, MSc in Translation and Interpretation. University of  Vlora  “Ismail  Qemali,  specialist  at  the  General  Department  of  Pre-University  Education. Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth

Learning a foreign language does not mean only learning new words, syntax, morphology or lexicology, but in the meantime one need to become one with their culture, history and tradition. Therefore, I strongly recommend this book for all teachers of English as a foreign language, who have a passion for their profession and would love to become role model teachers for their students. Through the materials very kindly presented in this book, one can perceive the love and devotion her students had for the English language and their teacher, and this is the goal that most teacher should and have in their mind and soul.

-  Elvira Peҫo, MSc in teacher of English as a foreign language, MSc in Translation and Interpretation- University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali

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RedaktoriGreta Muhameti, Elvira Peço
Viti i Botimit2021
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