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If the Sun Never Sets

Ana Huang G-9780349438344

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Përshkrim i shkurtër A steamy second chance romance from Ana Huang, the New York Times bestselling author of the Kings of Sin and Twisted seriesFive years ago, he broke her heart. Now, he'll do anything to win her back. When Farrah walked into her lunch meeting, she didn't expect to see him.

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Blake Ryan. Her first love, her first heartbreak, and now, her first client as a freelance interior designer. It's been five years, but she'll never forget the way he shattered her.

He whispers pretty words, but she'll never believe him. Her body craves his, but she'll never give him her heart. Not again.

Not ever. ***Money. Looks.

A booming sports bar empire. On the surface, Blake has it all. But inside, he's haunted - both by nightmares of a tragic loss and dreams of the girl he once betrayed.

When fate reunites them, he sees it as a sign: it's time to get the love of his life back. No matter what it takes. If the Sun Never Sets is book two of the If Love duet.