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Albanians in art

Ferid Hudhri A-000716

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Once again, Ferid Hudhri’s work demonstrates for us—in a manner most compelling—the striking connection between peoples, realized through paintings. From his extensive research, he shows us how scores of painters, after traveling throughout Albania, returned home with vivid memories of its colors and the complex face of the country and her Albanians, to resurrect them later upon the canvas. Others, unable to visit personally, came in their minds and imaginations. They borrowed Albanian costumes from their colleagues, hurried to their studios and there, with the aid of those unforgettable colors and based upon what they had heard (and the intuition of true artists), created paintings of incontrovertible value.


Books like these are rarely duplicated. It is the work of an entire life. Endless love. A steadfast will. Experience. A book that honors his country, the history of the Albanians, and our memory. A book that contains love for the mountains, plains, coasts and seas of the motherland, for castles, heroes and monuments, for the grace and flame of the soul. A book that makes you proud.


Ferid Hudhri has dedicated his life to the history of art. He is the most distinguished Albanian historian in this field. His greatest merit as a historian is the discovery of an entire encyclopedia of great masters of European Romanticism. His careful and precise information makes him an almost peerless scholar in Albania for this era. This work reveals Ferid’s professionalism. It is his crowning achievement.


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