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Love at first flight

Watson, Jo G-9781035400539

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A pact - a fake dating pact - for as long as it's mutually beneficial. It's perfect. Or at least it would be if their very real attraction wasn't about to make Pippa question everything she thought she wanted. Ky libër vjen tek ju, te dashur lexues, 15 - 20 dite pasi eshte bere porosia tek Bukinist.al

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Things Pippa enjoys: her job, airplanes, synonyms and tropical fish.

Things Pippa does not enjoy: repeating patterns, tight clothes, people asking why she's single and school reunions. After four months of only speaking over intercom, when air-traffic controller Pippa Edwards finally meets pilot Andrew Boyce-Jones face-to-face, they discover they've got much more in common than simply working at the same airport. In fact .

. . they both need a date.

Tired of every relationship ending before it's even begun, Pippa wants to evade the inevitable questions at her dreaded ten-year school reunion in Cape Town. And Andrew needs to get his well-meaning family off his back about settling down. The solution seems simple.


. . Love funny, romantic stories? You don't want to miss Jo Watson:'This sizzling, steamy enemies to lovers romance will keep you hooked throughout - and have you laughing out loud, too!'

BETH REEKLES'A total joy to read.

Witty, romantic and laced with “chef's kiss” sexual tension, it's the perfect slice of summer escapism'


'Sizzling, sexy and great fun - the perfect holiday read'


'The perfect choice for fans of romantic comedies'

Gina's Bookshelf

'A brilliant read from beginning to end'

Hopeless Romantics

'Sitting here open mouthed in disbelief at just how wonderful this book is'

Rachel's Random Reads

'A stunning heart-warming read'

Donna's Book Blog

A complete joy: funny, charming, heartwarming and insightful'


'Delicious romcom and a genre I personally call autistic-uplit meet in a perfect match. I loved this book'


'Sparkling and sincere, Love at First Flight perfectly encapsulates what romance readers love most about the genre: that everyone deserves the joy and beauty of falling in love. What a gem!'



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