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Happy baby

Roger Priddy, Priddy Books G-9781838993337

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Përshkrim i shkurtër There is also gentle rhyming text written from a child’s perspective which is perfect for reading aloud to young children:I can shake my rattle, bang my drum,and stack up blocks one by one!There is so much for babies and parents to explore together as they enjoy this engaging first words book.

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Happy Baby is an adorable board book for babies by Priddy Books. This shaped book is a wonderful gift for any baby shower or to give to a newborn baby. It has been designed with our very first learners in mind, as each page has a ribbon attached with a different pattern or tactile feel which babies can explore as they interact with the book.

There are also three shaped animal tabs which will also engage young children as they turn the pages. This book is focussed on different types of play, from interacting with toys to playing outside and doing arts and crafts. The soft whimsical illustrations include sweet vignettes of babies and labelled images of what is in the scene to encourage early speaking skills, word-picture recognition as well as introducing babies to the world around them.

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