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The bird singers

Eve Wersocki Morris A-007919

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A thrilling debut from remarkable new talent, Eve Wersocki Morris.

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Shtëpia Botuese

Hodder & Stoughton

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'The whistling had started on their first night. At first, Layah thought it was bird song - a high thin sound which became a melody, rising and falling. And each night, it returned.'

Strange things have been happening to Layah and her younger sister, Izzie, ever since their mother dragged them to a rain-soaked cottage miles from anywhere in the Lake District: there is a peculiar whistling at night, a handful of unusual feathers appear on their doorstep and there are murmurings of a shadowed woman in the forest. And their mother is behaving very oddly. Layah is mourning the loss of her dear grandmother in Poland - and can almost hear her Babcia's voice telling her the old myths and fairy tales from that magical place.

And as the holiday takes on a dark twist, Layah begins to wonder if the myths might just be real. 

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Lloji i botimitPaper back
V. Bot2022
Tipi i publikimitLibër
Grupmoshambi 14 vjeç
StatusiI ri
Numri i botimeveI parë