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Sarah Pearse A-007773

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'The Sanatorium will keep you checking over your shoulder. This spine-tingling, atmospheric thriller has it all: an eerie Alpine setting, sharp prose, and twists you'll never see coming. A must-read.' 

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A beautiful, eerie hotel in the Swiss Alps, recently converted from an abandoned sanatorium, is the last place Detective Elin Warner wants to be. But her estranged brother has invited her there for his engagement party, and she feels she has no choice but to accept.

Arriving in the midst of a threatening storm, Elin immediately feels on edge. And things only get worse when they wake the next morning to find her brother's fiancee is missing. With access to the hotel cut off, the guests begin to panic.

But this is only the first disappearance. Everyone's in danger - and anyone could be next . . .


'The Sanatorium is an absolutely splendid Gothic thriller.' 

A. J. Finn

'One of the best books of 2021 [...] guaranteed to give you goosebumps.' 

Woman & Home

'I absolutely loved The Sanatorium - it gave me all the wintry thrills and chills.' Lucy Foley

'A menacing, creepy debut [...] echoes of Hitchcock and du Maurier.' 

Daily Mail

'A chillingly vivid thriller in a fantastic setting.' 

T. M. Logan

'An eerie, atmospheric novel that had me completely on the edge of my seat.' 

Reese Witherspoon

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V. Bot2021
Tipi i publikimitLibër
Numri i botimeveI parë
PublisherRandom House Books