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Albanian language for foreigners

Ragip Kçiku BUE001

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The latest method to learning easy the albanian language. The book include the registration on DVD to all lessons and exercises, which helps the students to learning with the profession standards. Redactors of method are: Prof. Dr. Rahmi Memushaj and Fatmir Hoxha. Te read more about the method, please see the table of content and photos

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This is the latest method that is provided to the foreigners for learning of Albanian language or shortly saying the only method that is given in a parallel way in two languages: Albanian and English.

This course is foreseen to be developed in parallel way in learning of vocabulary and grammar having into consideration in the meantime phonemes articulation / article and stress / accent of Albanian language.

The lessons/texts generally shall be imaginary making our best efforts to include Albanian geography through imaginary traveling aiming at acquainting to some extend with history of Albanian tourist sites in general.

We have included basic elements of Albanian grammar, morphology and syntax.

The best efforts are being made that those foreign students who would accept his course to offer them through CDs Albanian words through video and voice.

However, we shall try not to make any misunderstanding on some sentences that could be unspecified/undetermined as the examples: “A dog bit a man” or “Children don ’t know their parents’.’

Many lexical fields shall be introduced on proper parts of lessons that will serve as required such as traveling, education, tourism, holidays’ education etc.

There will be also vocabulary English —Albanian for those proper topics.

Therefore, my dear students of this course I wish you lots of success in learning and improving of Albanian language.

Rakip Kçiku


ALBANIAN LANGUAGE (Brief Introduction)

The Albanian language is a part of big family of Indo-European languages. This language does not have any mother language as for example, Slavic languages or Italian or Anglo-Saxon languages.

Albanian language has a short history of writing though it is considered to be one of the oldest European languages.

The first written sentence in Albanian language was documented in fifteenth century in 1462 with one sentence "FORMULA E PAGÊZIMIT" (Baptism Formula). Where as the first book "MESHARI" was published in 1555 by a catholic priest called Gjon Buzuku.

This language has two main dialects: Tosk (variety of Albanian language) in the eastern part of Albanian lands under the area of the River Shkumbin that ends deep in the contact with Greece and Gheg dialect in western part up to River Shkumbin that ends to Slavic lands in Serbia and Montenegro and in the east borders with Macedonian and Bulgarian languages.

In 1908 was established the Alphabet of Albanian language in the congress of Albanian language in Manastir "Bitola" today a town in Macedonia.

The standard Albanian language was established in 1972 in Tirana, Albania, upon an agreement of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and also those who prominent Albanian Linguists and professors and also linguists from Balkans and Europe.

The Albanian language is spoken in several states. It is the only official language of the country in the Republic of Albania.

In Kosovo it is first official language on Republican level.

In Macedonia it is the second official language on republic level whereas in the localities where Albanians are majority is first official language such as Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar and Struga. 

In Greece is spoken "çamërishtja "(Cham Language); the region in the extreme south of Albania bordering the Jonian Sea) a dialect of Albanian language but it is neither recognized nor accepted or permitted to be taught at schools.

In Italy there is the oldest Albanian Diaspora known up to now.

This Diaspora lives in the localities of Calabria and Sicilia where it is official language on local level. Arbëresh dialect can be called also as the language of time of Arbër.

On the local level it is official language and eastern part of Montenegro as well as in Ulqin and Tuz and also on eastern Kosovo that is administered by Republic of Serbia such as Preshevo, Bujanovac and Medvegja .

Other diasporas where Albanian is spoken include several millions in Republic of Turkey, Republic of Ukraine around Odessa and  in the eastern part of Romania such as Bucharest etc.

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