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The 4th edition of Art & Trashëgimi “Tirana The return of the Muses” attempts to introduce the reader to the ‘other’ Tirana, to the lights and shades of the Albanian capital, its origins, how it was built, how it came about that it was made a capital city, the religious tolerance and co-existence, its legends, art under the communist regime, traditional music and costumes, as well as people and personages that made Tirana the town it is today.

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Viti i botimit2012

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The rich variety of its historical, cultural and artistic values makes the task of portraying it very complex, but also very rewarding. This publication will serve as a guide to all those who wish to rediscover the traces of the enormous transformations Tirana has seen over the years.

Among the contributors you will find Aleksandër Meksi, Sulejman Dashi, Ardian Marashi, Emin Riza, Gjerak Karaiskaj, Valter Gjoni, Fatos Baxhaku, Suzana Varvarica Kuka, Jack Lang, Ilda Mara, etc.

Art & Trashëgimi, is a bilingual publication, in Albanian and in English, is a historical and cultural magazine to promote the Albanian Cultural Heritage and Fine Arts. In the field of the publications, Art & Trashëgimi (Art & Heritage) is filling a gap for the promotion of historical and heritage sites of Albania.

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Lloji i botimitPaper back
Viti i botimit2012
Vendodhja e botimitTirane
Tipi i publikimitRevistë
Grupmosha e leximitmbi 14 vjeç
StatusiI ri
Numri i botimeveI parë