20000 leagues under the sea

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Jules Verne is considered the father of science fiction. With his works, he has sent readers to the polar deserts, to the Moon and under the sea, and has been completely convinced that his fantasies will one day come true. His most notable works are "Around the World in 80 Days", "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "Captain Grant's Sons", "Fifteen-Year-Old Captain", and many more.

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20 thousand leagues under the sea, the science-fiction novel of the French writer, so dear to children and teenagers. The book is about the voyages of the ship "Nautilius". During the voyage, the ship's friends see monsters, wild people, who had left no one alive, but the ship "Nautilius" escapes. Captain Nemo and the other friends face some of the strangest surprises, but ...

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Published year2010
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